From Parking Garage Rex, we want to help you to solve your doubts.

For this reason, we collect all the most common questions from our customers and we believe that some of them will help you to solve some of your doubts.


Is the parking public?

Ifthe parking lot is totally public.

Is parking available 24 hours a day?

Yes, the parking lot is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

But... in the early morning I have seen it closed, is it necessary to warn in time to go to pick up my car or call a switchboard?

If we keep our access doors closed in the early hours of the morning, in order to perform maintenance services.

But... at all times our personnel are inside the facilities, you will only have to request the opening of the pedestrian access door or access gate to the parking lot.

Is the parking assisted by staff who park my car and do I have to leave the keys with them?

Not at any time, from your entrance with your vehicle until your departure, it is you who will park your vehicle and our staff will never ask you for the keys.

When I booked my accommodation I was told that parking is included.

We inform you that the parking is independent of any hotel establishment or tourist apartment. Therefore, you will have to pay the current price fixed in our tariff.


What is their parking capacity?

As the parking lot is a vertical building used exclusively for parking, it has 7 parking floors with a total of approximately 250 parking spaces.

What is their maximum height?

The maximum height of the upper floors free for parking is 2.30 m.

How is the access to the upper floors of the parking lot?

Access to these floors is by means of a spiral curve, controlled by traffic lights.

My vehicle is too long, will I have problems accessing the upper floors?

Not all access ramps to the upper floors are 4 meters wide.

Are the parking spaces narrow?

We have thought about the customer's comfort when parking his vehicle and we have defined the parking spaces in 3 types.

3m x 3.8m singles - 2.8m x 3.8m doubles and 2.3m x 6m triples 

If I have a problem, do I have to call a switchboard?

No, our staff is on site 24 hours a day.


So I can't access the parking lot because I am in the center as my private car?

Youcan access the city center from exit 13 of the highway (Recogidas exit) and arrive at our parking lot without being sanctioned by any traffic camera. 

But... I've seen a sign that says traffic is restricted?

Yesindeed, but they are informative signs of proximity to such restriction.

When I looked up what to visit in Granada, I saw that the center is controlled by traffic cameras that are sanctioning?

Indeed, the access to Granada has certain points of the city identified with information panels in the areas where access to private vehicles is limited.


Will the 24-hour rate allow me to enter and leave with my vehicle?

If the payment of your stay for 24 hours is made through ATMs by purchasing a "hotel voucher" when making the payment, the system will automatically allow you to check in and check out indefinitely.

If the payment of your stay for 24 hours is made via web "reservations", you will have to ask our staff upon arrival to change your ticket to allow you to check in and check out indefinitely. 

So... when I get to the parking lot, how can I access it if the street is a two-way street?

You will be able to turn left without any problem, as it is a broken line.

I am going to stay in a hotel or apartment nearby, I have seen that you have an offer, how can I take advantage of it?

Just go to our ATMs, located on floor - 0 and follow the steps below:

1. Enter your license plate number.

2. Click on the buy voucher button.

The screen will show the price with the current offer for 1 day of parking.

If you need more days, click on the voucher for another day. You will see on the screen the days selected with the amount of the current offer.

Once the desired days have been selected, proceed to payment (cash or credit card).

4. Once the operation is finished, remember to ask for a receipt and keep it until the end of your stay in the parking lot.

5. Once the process and validation is finished, you will be able to enter and leave the parking lot as many times as you need, as long as it is within the time and date you have paid for.

Remember: if the day of departure is after the date and time of the voucher purchased.

Go to the ATMs and enter your license plate to pay the excess time.

I have paid for a ticket for several days, but I have to leave before the end of the ticket?

Where can I request a refund of the credit memo?

We are sorry to inform you that the "hotel" vouchers purchased both at ATMs and web-based "reservations" are non-refundable.


How far is it to the city center? Tapas area and monuments...

The parking lot is located in the center of Granada, 5 minutes walking distance from the historical, heritage, leisure and shopping areas.