Our intention is always to be able to offer our customers the most competitive market prices and to be able to offer affordable rates.

Per minute rate:

0.032 cents/minute - Monday to Thursday

0.039 cent/minute - Friday to Sunday

Rate per 24 hours:

22 euros - general rate

19 euros - web reservations, hotels and apartments

Easter Week Rates:

0.039 cent/minute - Monday to Sunday

24 euros - general rate 

21 euros - web reservations, hotels and apartments

150 euros - week 24 hours

Cash pricing:

Rechargeable ticket valid from Monday to Friday with a fixed price per hour at 1.50 euros.

Your initial recharge is 20 euros, which will be validated in time value.

Its purpose is to facilitate your entries and exits, without having to go through the ATMs to pay.


The prices that we offer are all closed prices, you will be able to take in any person that suits your needs. All these prices are for minimum stays of 24 hours (not fractional or cumulative to any other offer).

They will always be managed by Parking Garage Rex, who will be governed by the existing availability, being able to cancel, modify or stop the number of available reservations.

The parking lot will be the only one that will make the pertinent price agreements with the hotel and catering establishments it offers to its customers.

All rates or monthly bonuses offered by
Parking Garage Rex include 21% VAT.